Can I move to another state without money?

Some locations are a better option than others when you're looking to move to another state without money. And in fact, there are even cities and states that offer financial incentives to attract new residents, which means they are willing to pay you to move there, 2 days ago. Moving to a new state without money is a decision that requires a lot of thought. It would be useful if you considered the cost of living in the new town or city you plan to move to.

To make sure your things fit on a bus or train, check the weight and dimensions of your items. Greyhound, for example, allows you to store 150 pounds of luggage under the bus, 2 Meanwhile, Amtrak allows you to ship up to 500 pounds, 3 Both services have shipping size limitations, so be sure to pack accordingly. The cost of living in Virginia is 1% higher than the US average, but some things cost more and some things cost less. Here's how much you're likely to pay for housing, food, and more in Virginia.

You can move to a new city without funds. For those in a similar situation (broke, dissatisfied with their current job, who need a change) and are looking for a way out, the steps below are what I took to successfully land in a new place with income, friends and an apartment.