Does moving house make you happier?

The amount of time people spend driving or commuting seems to have a direct influence on the number of unhappy days they have, Goetz says. And the effect of sucking fun is universal, whether people live in cities, suburbs or in the countryside. Why do people move? The reason for moving one place to another is often explained by the word “find”. People move to a new place in search of a new job, home, adventure or to find greater happiness.

Does it make you happy to move? Moving home in and of itself may not make you happier, there will still be the same daily struggles and the same things that need to be done. But moving continuously has its downsides, according to Warnick. Research shows that people who like their hometown and neighbors are less anxious and have greater well-being; are less likely to suffer physical illness, heart attack, or stroke; and even live longer. And a survey found that the happier residents are with their city, the more it will prosper economically.

Goetz says his findings were intertwined with other psychological research, showing that happiness typically follows a U-shaped curve, with people becoming more optimistic as they progress through midlife. It's a big and costly turmoil to move out of the house, and useless if you find that your feelings are just following you. But what if you're perfectly happy, but your partner is the one who wants to move out of the house, or has to move for work reasons? Smaller moves mitigate social and economic costs, and could still provide happiness benefits. Having a big house or living in a desirable zip code won't necessarily make you happy, if you can be happy and happy within yourself, you can make a happy home by living in a tent.

Increasing the size can give you the space you need to breathe, while reducing the size could remove some of the pressure you feel if it means a smaller mortgage and fewer household chores. Have a plan B if your home move doesn't work, and be sure to maintain a support network of friends and family, especially if you're moving to a new city or area. If after you have done all the searching for the soul, you are convinced that a house move is the right thing to do, that it will bring you the happiness you are looking for, then you will certainly want a stress-free house move. For example, Dutch researchers found that when people move, they tend to spend less time than people who already live there on “active leisure”, such as exercise and hobbies, and more time on the computer.

By that I mean you need to find out what you want out of the house move, if the move meets that need, or if there is another need within you that is the problem, rather than your house, or the location of your home, being the problem. If you want to get the most house for your money, you can move to a more remote part of your country. People often make mistakes when they move that make them feel more alone and isolated than necessary. According to Melody Warnick, author of the new book This Is Where You Belong, that makes me a Mover with a capital M.