How is the moving industry doing?

Comparing the total population of the 10 cities to the percentage change in moving, Katy saw a huge 16% change in incoming residents due to her smaller population. People who experienced multiple moves in their teens prove to be more likely to have adverse health outcomes later in life. The most adventurous people come from the Dakotas and are willing to travel more than 1000 miles to start from scratch. Some companies could no longer follow the schedule on which they were moving forward and some drivers went on to look for higher-paying jobs, prompting the beginning of the growing shortage of labor.

As a longtime member of the moving industry, Movers Development understands the importance of having the right information. However, many other people we spoke to said that they would agree to move somewhere else if they received a higher salary. According to an annual United Van Lines moving study released in January (focusing on states with more than 250 moves with United Van Lines), more people chose to move to Montana and Delaware to retire (41% of retirees move), followed by Florida (39%) and South Carolina (38.5%), while families were more likely to move to Minnesota (41% of all families move). Some employees have decided not to move out of Colorado just yet because they are still trying to find work or waiting for the bank to approve their relocation mortgage.

That way, you won't have to worry about big things, like stress-inducing DIY moves and unnecessary road trips. But when the volume of outbound moves from California is many times greater than inbound moves, moving companies are forced to make many return trips with empty trucks. A few months after the pandemic hit the United States, the pattern of long-distance movements changed to smaller cities such as Boise, ID, Knoxville, TN, Sarasota, FL and Asheville, NC. Transporting large loads over long distances is more economical when the customer's movement is bidirectional, allowing moving companies to keep their trucks full for each stage of the journey.

As for those who moved for a new job or job transfer out of state, 72% chose to move to Nebraska, while Wyoming was a hot spot for those looking for a lifestyle change, with entry percentages reaching 29%. According to The Washington Post, many people have moved from the city to more rural areas since the pandemic introduced more people to remote work. Then there is the large volume of people who, as a result of Covid-19, decided to move to another place.