How Long Does it Take to Move from One House to Another?

Moving from one house to another can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation and planning, it can be done without stress and hassle. The entire process usually takes about two months, but can be much longer depending on the specific circumstances of each individual case. Generally, it takes an estimated five to six weeks for all phases of the move, including pre-move-in planning, move-in day, and post-move-in unpacking. For a local move within the same city, a professional moving company can help you move the same day.

However, if you are looking for a smaller apartment, you may be able to find one within two to three weeks. Finding a house or apartment that meets all your needs and preferences can take any amount of time, from a single week to a couple of months, depending on your specific requirements and the state of the real estate market in the area. The time it will take to load your belongings onto the moving truck depends on several factors: the number of boxes and household items you have to move in; any additional services needed or needed; the flights of stairs your items will need to lower (or free access to an elevator); distance between the truck moving and entering your home; etc. Packing is the most laborious and time-consuming task you will have to take care of when you move home. The total time it takes to unpack an apartment or house depends on how many boxes you have and how ready your house is. You may not be able to unpack the entire house in one day, but setting deadlines like two rooms a day or ten boxes a day helps keep you motivated and on track to unpack. Remember, an average will include people who are moving furniture only, as well as those who have a full house.

With the right preparation, you can manage all three stages without stress and without any problems. Keep in mind that these figures are general deadlines that moving companies use to estimate the amount of labor and time needed for a move, so that they can make reasonably accurate quotes. The deadline for your moving situation may be more or less than these general deadlines, and may not include some tasks such as packing boxes or thoroughly cleaning the old place.