How Much Does It Cost to Move Across the Country from the US?

When it comes to relocating across the country, hiring a domestic moving company may be the most cost-effective option. The cost of a cross-country move depends on several factors, such as the size of the move, distance, date, and services you need. If you're willing to do all the heavy lifting and driving yourself, you can save a considerable amount of money. The cost of a cross-country move varies depending on the size of your home and its starting and ending points.

It's impossible to give an exact price for a move since each one is unique. Moving home isn't cheap, especially when you factor in closing costs. Generally speaking, traveling 200 to 300 miles away can cost half as much as moving 1000 miles or more. You can get an idea of what to expect by looking at average costs for your home size.

Packing rates vary from one moving company to another, but they usually cost at least several hundred dollars. If you're moving into a large house, you'll likely need more than one container, which can significantly increase your total cost. We'll also discuss factors that affect long-distance and cross-country moving costs, as well as the pros and cons of different options. These include labor costs, services such as packing or climbing an excessive number of stairs, assembling furniture, and additional add-ons.

If you're just trying to estimate costs for a future move, you can get an idea of what to expect by looking at average costs and examples of real-life cross-country moves. Keep in mind that the more items you move and the heavier the shipment, the higher your moving costs will be.