Who are the Best Moving Companies?

American Van Lines stands out for its ability to move works of art and valuables. As experts in corporate relocation, they will get your business back up and running with the least disruption and in the shortest possible time. Servicemembers can rest easy knowing that American Van Lines understands the unique needs of military moves. How much you tip depends largely on how many people are working on your move (loading and unloading), as well as how many hours or days your move will take.

International Van Lines (IVL) is a renowned name in the moving industry, having managed more than 500,000 moves in the United States and being available in more than 180 countries. While limited in local moving services, IVL has several services specifically designed to meet long-distance moving needs, including multiple insurance options. International Van Lines is both an intermediary and a carrier, meaning it has its own fleet of trucks and moving equipment, and partners with other carriers to serve customers outside its main service regions. IVL's extensive supplier network allows customers to locate a local moving company more efficiently, with the added benefit of being supported by IVL customer service.

It is important to note that procedures, policies, and customer service vary by company in the IVL network, so your experience may vary depending on your location and the provider assigned to your move. International Van Lines offers traditional packing, unpacking, loading and unloading services. As a company specializing in long-distance removals, IVL has a variety of relevant additional services, such as dismantling and reassembling furniture and disconnecting and reconnecting major household appliances. In addition, the company will create custom boxes for items such as televisions, stereos, artwork and antiques that may not fit securely in traditional moving boxes.

International Van Lines determines your moving cost based on factors such as the distance you are moving, the date of your move, and the total weight of your belongings. American Van Lines (AVL) is one of our top picks for providers serving New Jersey because of its experience as a long-distance moving company. The company is equipped for international and commercial moves and corporate relocations. It also offers special handling of large, high-value items such as pianos and antiques.

While American Van Lines handles most local moves through its supplier network, long-distance moves are managed directly by the company, meaning customers have access to their moving equipment. AVL's moving staff work full time and receive training and education. Crew members have an average of 10 years of moving experience, according to the company. American Van Lines is equipped to meet the needs of those seeking full-service options, such as packing and unpacking and packing electronics, and those seeking partial assistance with tasks such as loading, transporting, and unloading.

The company also offers several additional services, many of which are particularly useful for out-of-state or cross-country transfers. American Van Lines will review your detailed inventory and estimate the cost of moving those items into your new home before giving you a detailed binding quote. For this reason, the company does not give instant moving quotes online or over the phone. The distance of your move and gas prices also affect the cost.

American Van Lines requires a 10% to 50% deposit to book your move date. The company will respect the lowest competitor's contributions and will accept cash, checks and credit cards. As the oldest moving company in the United States, Allied Van Lines partners with more than 500 local moving providers in all 50 states and more than 130 countries to expertly manage local, long distance and international moves. Allied has part-service packages and optional add-ons, such as vehicle transportation, electronics packaging, and full valuation coverage, allowing customers to create a personalized moving experience that fits their budget.

Allied Van Lines offers three levels of service: full, partial and DIY, and customers can customize their moving package through additional options such as fragile only packaging, special handling of high-value items, and disconnecting and reconnecting major appliances. While Allied's quoting process can be long and thorough, its careful approach to providing quotes results in binding estimates, ensuring there will be no surprise charges or other additional costs for your move. Customers can make payments to Allied Van Lines by cash, credit card or certified check; no advance deposit required. North American Van Lines (NAVL) is a full-service moving company with over 90 years of experience that can accommodate moves of all sizes locally, long distance and internationally.

The company partners with more than 500 local movers across the country to serve all 50 states. Van Lines customers in North America can choose full-service packaging or opt for fragile-only service. Regardless of which plan you select, you can further customize your moving package with a variety of additional services, including short- or long-term storage and electronics packaging. NAVL also accommodates customers who prefer to pack their belongings themselves through moving supplies available for purchase through the company's website.

Your North American Van Lines quote will depend on the size of your move, the zip code of your new home, the date of the move, the total weight of your items and the layout of your home; any access issues may also affect pricing. JK Moving offers full and partial moving services along with a variety of specialized services to help customize your package; however it is only available for international and long distance moving in Florida. The company's most prominent offering is perhaps its option to finance your move; a feature that most moving companies don't offer. It is essential to pay attention to the interest rate offered by JK Moving as a higher interest rate could increase the total cost of your move.

In addition to packing/unpacking/loading/unloading services JK Moving has a variety of additional services that allow customers to create customized long-distance relocation plans; please note that JK Moving does not currently handle local moves within New Jersey.