Can Moving Companies Move Food Safely?

When it comes to moving, there are certain items that are better left behind. Food is one of them. In general, moving companies will pack most of the food for you, but it is not always a good idea. At Allied, we recommend that you throw away any food in glass jars and anything perishable, rather than trying to transport them to your new home, as they may crack, leak or mold before you arrive.

Non-perishable goods, such as boxed or canned items, dried fruits, spices or oils, are generally well transported. If you have any questions about what foods your carriers will not move, simply ask for clarification. Food can be quite difficult to move, especially over long distances. Moving companies will not take this risk as food can easily spoil and molds can spread to other items you own. This means that food is one of the items that New York moves won't move.

Mayflower encourages you to read the following information before packing so that you can separate these prohibited items from the rest of your belongings. If you have questions about a particular item, please contact your Mayflower moving coordinator for clarification. It is also better to keep devices such as blood pressure machines out of the truck, especially on long movements. Call or send SMS text messages using an automatic telephone dialing system or a pre-recorded message to my mobile phone number to provide account information and services related to my long-distance move. This way, you can check your estimated moving price and get additional information about things that are illegal to move. Below are some items that carriers can move, but you need to prepare them before carriers put them on their trucks.

Nearly all moving companies will not transport highly flammable and dangerous items in general, such as paint thinners, fireworks, matches, lighter fluid and propane cylinders for obvious reasons. The most important thing is to be completely honest with your carriers about your items so that everyone can stay safe and comply with the legal requirements of transporting weapons. People who move cross-country often have a moving checklist with dangerous goods they can't move, and they're likely to refuse to pack them as well. An alternative is to hire local and long-distance carriers, such as Allied Van Lines, to pack your belongings for you. If you hire a moving company to move you, they will likely give you a “not allowed” sheet with all the items that carriers cannot pack or move. Perhaps the most convenient solution for both you and your pet are companies that transport your dog or cat in a professional and safe way.

Professional carriers work hard to take excellent care of your belongings, but it's always a good idea to transport the irreplaceable items yourself because even if moving companies can refund you for items, they're usually things that can't really be replaced for sentimental reasons.