Will moving companies store your stuff?

Some companies offer storage in traditional facilities, while others offer secure storage in a warehouse or truck yard. If the company offers warehouse-type storage, they will most likely store their belongings in the pod or truck so you don't have to worry about unpacking and repacking anything. Most companies include 30 days of storage in their estimate. It's a full month of storage that you won't have to pay separately.

Not to mention all the extra costs of self-storage that you would avoid. Just make sure 30 days of storage are included when you book your moving company. United offers storage solutions to meet any scale of residential or commercial need. As one of the leading moving and long-distance storage companies, United Van Lines is fully equipped to handle many of your move-related storage needs with our short- and long-term storage services.

We can store your belongings in one of our facilities across the U.S. UU. As part of the moving process, hold them until you are ready to move into your new home or office. In addition, we offer storage solutions for interstate moves of any distance or size, including residential and commercial moves.

Are you a corporate relocation manager looking for comprehensive moving and storage solutions? United understand that some moves require a little more time. Our in-transit storage services are designed to help your employees finalize their moving dates and plans. Many residential moving customers choose to store household items while transitioning to a new home. If you're moving from house to house, but your new residence isn't ready or you need extra storage space while you're selling your old home, United can help.

Our specialized warehousing services offer a flexible and easy-to-use solution when faced with long-distance moving schedule challenges. Vault StorageIf you need storage in addition to an interstate move, United's long-distance moving agents also independently provide local moving and storage services through their own businesses and brands. For on-premises long-term storage solutions, see these companies' vault storage options. In addition to residential storage solutions, United offers customized moving and storage services for long distance commercial moving.

We offer a variety of storage solutions to move your office furniture, technology, retail accessories and trade show related displays. United can store your office supplies during your long-distance commercial move and then transport them according to your specifications. To learn more about our commercial moving and storage solutions, start here. If your office changes location or renovates your current workspace, you can also find help by contacting local moving and storage companies near you.

Downsizing? Short-term storage may be the right choice if you're not ready to part with your belongings while reducing your staff before moving to United. It can be difficult to reduce your items, especially if you're in the middle of a move. Are you moving abroad? An international move often requires the need for storage solutions. United International offers international moving services to more than 150 countries around the world and can create an international moving and storage plan that fits your specifications.

Do you move long distances? If you're moving to another country or state, you may need short-term storage while you're selling your current home or looking for your new home. United is federally licensed to provide interstate long-distance storage and moving services to homes and businesses moving to another country. Looking for local storage solutions? United Interstate Movers also offer a variety of local moving and storage options under their own businesses and independent brands. Find a local moving and storage provider in your area.

If your long-distance move involves putting some of your items in a storage unit, you may want to consider the packing services of a professional moving company. For some, packing can be the most overwhelming part of the move. You can save time and eliminate the hassle associated with packing by hiring a professional moving company to take care of the tedious task of packing. United offers affordable packaging solutions to provide you with flexible options to enhance your United long-distance moving experience.

Regardless of which option you choose, we will take care of loading, transporting and unloading on your new site. In addition, you will be offered Full Value Protection and the help of a moving coordinator to support you during your move. The short answer is that it depends on the moving company. Some companies only offer moving services and are not equipped to store items either.

You can ask them to take some of your items to a separate storage facility and then the rest of your items to your new home. However, you are likely to incur additional costs for the additional travel. So if you know you're going to need storage, it's better to choose a company that offers both moving and storage. Most moving companies will hold your items on a storage in transit contract for up to 90 days.

However, this depends on the company and the available storage units. Many big brands will help you find local long-term storage units if you need to keep your items longer. Just because you're shrinking your space doesn't necessarily mean you're ready to say goodbye to your belongings. Reducing your items can be difficult to do and, often times, too emotionally draining to deal with during a long-distance residential move.

If you're not ready to part with your belongings during the downsizing transition, consider short-term storage. Mayflower's storage services are convenient and available to you during your long-distance residential move. A good rule of thumb is that if your move lasts longer than six months, a moving company might not be the best option. Few moves are as simple as transporting your belongings from your current home to your final destination.

Most moving companies with storage options don't allow access to your items, so make sure you have everything you need before moving day. Above all, always check with the Better Business Bureau before choosing an independent or moving and storage company for your next move. If you're preparing for a long-distance move, many companies include 30 days of free storage in their move estimate. However, moving items from your office building just to turn around and reposition them can be stressful.

While you can use local carriers to get items to the unit, you can always take the DIY approach and pack a moving truck for smaller loads. Unlike local movers, long distance moving companies take between seven and 21 business days to reach their. Be sure to double-check that your prospective company stores vehicles, as well as additional charges for access. We'll look at all the things to consider when booking a storage option and which one is best for your long-distance move.

One thing that many people don't realize is that your move will take a few days to reach your destination. . .