Are Moving Companies Profitable? A Comprehensive Guide

Do moving companies make a profit? The answer is yes, they can be very profitable for their owners. Most moving companies only get 10% when they say everything is done, but some may be higher and others may be lower. When I worked at my moving company at my best, I did just over 20% of the work. These companies invest heavily in their marketing budgets and have full-time sales employees who use proven sales scripts when talking to customers on the phone.

They spend a lot of money on advertising, employees and other overhead, but they also make a large volume of movements at higher prices, and you can make a big monthly profit with that type of model. Almost everyone you talk to has had some kind of bad moving experience to the point where it seems like people were looking for less big moves and more trying to prevent people who moved nightmare from creating a big opportunity for us. The sales department, marketing and development department, staff training, interaction with customers in the pre-sale period, during a move and after the services provided, building customer trust, etc. flexible and resilient have weathered the COVID-19 storm particularly well, and have shown that the moving business is resilient to the recession.

They'll pack your whole house, expertly wrap every piece of furniture, and move you around the country. Some of these supplies include plastic containers, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and wrapping paper, among other supplies needed for moving. In addition, some people prefer these motors because they have the necessary tools to do the job safely and efficiently. They visit Google and write terms like “moving near me”, “moving company” or “moving company near me”. Their goal is to dominate the local market and outperform low-end companies in price and outperform franchise players in customer service and reputation. Usually, the cost of local moves is in the hundreds, but they can even go up to thousands for larger moves.

According to the US Wage site, workers and those who move materials earn about half of the national average wage. Unfortunately, many people feel that they have few options other than calling major moving companies to move a piece of furniture, such as a desk. Through my marketing work with these moving companies, I have come to know the moving business in depth. These types of moving companies are often referred to as “low-end moving companies”, but that doesn't have to be a negative thing, and often these low-end moving companies make incredible volume and make big profits every month (which is what the business is all about). I moved from Minnesota to Arizona at age 18 to start a pool cleaning business and while building this brand big enough to support me, I worked part time at a moving company.