How Much Do Professional Local Movers Make?

When it comes to moving, the cost of hiring professional local movers can vary greatly depending on where you live and the size of your move. The two most important cost factors when moving long distances are weight and distance. The more items you have or the more items that move, the more it costs. Generally speaking, local moving companies charge an hourly rate that usually includes a moving truck, all equipment, miscellaneous materials, and carriers.

This price range is for a 2-person moving team doing a local move of less than 100 miles. Experienced movers can often provide an approximate number for moving costs based on the number and type of rooms in a home. When traveling long distances, more than 100 miles or from one state to another, moving companies will charge based on the weight of your goods, the distance traveled, and any additional or additional charges that may occur. You may also need to add additional charges for things like travel time, packing materials, and tips for the moving company.

If something happens that requires a hospital visit, it could end up costing more than the price of hiring those who move in the first place. Moving companies in Illinois are required, by law, to offer enhanced coverage options; they are not trying to charge “protection money” for your items or to scam you, they are literally required to offer and have the customer's signature in order to opt out. You may not be able to budget the hourly rates of moving companies to the dollar, but it helps to have a good general idea of what you could afford. Let professional carriers take the stress out of packing and unpacking — just be sure to include them in the budget.

Also, not only is it illegal to operate as an unlicensed moving company in Illinois, it is illegal for anyone to hire an unlicensed moving company; always check the license of any moving company you want to hire on the ICC website. Depending on where you live (state and metropolitan area), moving rates and overall local moving cost will vary. The cost of hiring professional local carriers is often calculated based on an hourly rate, which can increase as more carriers or moving trucks are needed. Most local moving companies will gladly offer you the additional service of packing and unpacking your household items. Since moving charges an hourly rate, no matter how difficult or unique your move is, if there are stairs, long transports, elevators, etc., in the end, it all depends on the time. If you move between apartments that are fully furnished, you will have fewer items that need to be lifted by several moving agents.

In my opinion, everyone should research, call some local businesses and ask for an estimate (binding). You should be able to get a basic budget that will then be customized for you based on the distance you move, the number of people moving, how many you move (based primarily on how many rooms and furniture you have), and how accessible your belongings are.