The Oldest Moving Company in the US: Bekins, U-Pack, Atlas Van Lines, Mayflower and Allied

Founded in 1891, Bekins is the oldest domestic moving company currently operating in the United States. U-Pack is a DIY moving service that ranks second for the largest moving companies in the US. With more than 3,759 trucks, Atlas Van Lines is the third largest moving company in the US. Mayflower and Allied are two of the oldest moving companies still in existence today.

Bekins offers a wide range of services related to moving, including long-distance, local and international services. U-Pack is a great option for those who don't trust going with a moving company. Atlas Van Lines was created in 1948 by a group of local moving companies and has around 500 agents worldwide. Mayflower offers all services related to the moving industry and is headquartered in St.

Louis. Allied was founded as a non-profit organization established by agents on the East Coast and went public in 1968. The first real moving services did not exist until the 1940s, but before that, people collected all their belongings and put them in covered wagons made specifically for transporting household furniture and headed west using nothing but horsepower. This was known as “removals” and it began in 1881 as a two-horse and buggy operation. E. E.

Ward Moving & Storage is one of the most successful companies in Ohio and has been around since 1881. It began as a stop on the Underground Railroad where Ward was transporting enslaved people to the next safe house with two horses and a wagon. Today, it is a multi-billion dollar company run by Brian and Dominique Brooks. The North American Van Lines Agent of the Year honor is awarded to the agent who receives the highest overall scores in quality of service, transportation growth, sales growth and safety performance. After surviving Jim Crow South, the Reconstruction Era, the civil rights movement and, currently, a pandemic, E. Ward Moving & Storage has expanded its operations to the Carolinas with new offices in Charlotte and Raleigh. The advice I would give is to focus on the basic principles that make you stand out from the competition.

Find your niche and focus on customers who are active for your business. Join more than 37,000 ATA members representing the United States trucking industry and maintain an excellent reputation. The Ward family's focus was on providing the best customer experience possible and they knew that if they provided a service that people would talk about and brag about, it would attract the next customer. Candy Spelling hired Bekins when she had 30 days to vacate her 56,500 square foot mansion. Having the title of being the oldest is impressive for any car, phone or moving company. Bekins has stood the test of time and continues to operate as the oldest black-owned company in the United States.

U-Pack is ideal for anyone who doesn't trust going with a traditional moving company while Atlas Van Lines has been around since 1948. Mayflower has been around since 1928 while Allied was founded as a non-profit organization established by agents on the East Coast. E. Ward Moving & Storage has become one of the most successful companies in Ohio due to generations of Wards who have guided it through difficult times driven by core values of servitude and helping others. The advice I would give is to focus on providing excellent customer service that will attract more customers.