Is it a good idea to move to california?

Depending on your lifestyle preferences and budget constraints (or lack thereof), you may find that living in a city with a higher cost of living is worth living. Perhaps one of my favorite things about living in California is the constant sun. As someone who (briefly) considered moving to the Pacific Northwest, I can't even begin to understand the challenge of living under a cloud most of the year. This goes hand in hand with the constant sun, but California has some of the mildest winters in the country.

Good food is also available. California's Central Valley is a major agricultural center, so fresh produce is cheap and very high quality. In addition, California has a wide range of cookers available to its residents, due in part to its strong immigrant communities. California is a great place to be a nature lover and an outdoor enthusiast.

You can visit a number of national and state parks, hike mountains, visit beaches, ski, surf, swim and camp. If you're on a tight budget, going outside for a hike or stroll provides you with free entertainment in Golden State. California's Economy and Climate Diversity Are Among the Greatest Advantages of Living in the Golden State. You can enjoy surfing, hiking and city life without leaving the state.

However, there are disadvantages with any movement. California is known for its high taxes and high cost of living. It's also hard to live without a car in most places in California, except in cities like San Francisco and Berkeley. I'm so sorry I moved to California.

A beautiful place near an ocean is supposed to be a fantasy land and you're probably wondering why New Yorkers move to California. But the real truth strikes hard. The ideal image of California is not that surprising in reality, it is a distant memory. This post may contain affiliate links.

If you buy something through one of those links, you won't pay an extra penny, but I'll receive a small commission that will encourage me to offer you more useful content. Every year I paid a lot of money for pest control, but I didn't get rid of it. My emotional turmoil used to get worse at tax season when I realized that my paycheck doesn't look good with the taxes I pay. I've always dreamed of buying a new home in California that I can't afford.

I will tell you 10 valid reasons not to move to California with examples and you will be surprised that the Golden State has witnessed droughts, floods, fires and tornadoes, has recorded the highest temperature, the worst air quality, a huge population, heat waves and many more. California experiences the best weather characteristics due to its location. People from different parts of the world conform to enjoy the warm climate and the great beaches, especially in Southern California. You can see the 10 best places to live in Southern California.

For all Californians, “living in California is an emotion attributed to it. Here are some of the benefits of living in California. They are the following: For all nature enthusiasts, you'll be happy to know that California is home to 9 national parks. California's romantic coastal towns will steal your heart with their beauty and epic hiking trails.

There are pet friendly beaches in California, such as Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara, they are amazing. In Southern California, you can spend an incredible weekend. But is nature the only thing that can be established in California? Will you go out every day to eat? Affordable places and attractions, natural springs, constant sunshine, mild winters, a good number of international airports with excellent work opportunities in the field of technology and film, and the above reasons are reasons why people want to visit California. But I think people don't know what has been happening in this glorious state for the past decade.

The incredible green nature that surrounds the city is fascinating and relaxing for everyone. So why do people move out of California? I'm sorry I moved to California. And, this is not just my opinion. People fly away every year because they have their reasons for moving out of California.

Why did I leave California after spending 4 years of my life there? First, the miserable life in California has made me make this life-changing decision. It was 10 years ago when California was sailing great, but California is no longer the place to be, and this is why I hate living in California. Top 10 Reasons Why I Regret Moving. Not only are wildfires rapidly enveloping the West Coast, but California is also suffering a lot.

To be honest, wildfires are going to be part of your daily routine while you live in California. In recent times, California is considered to be prone to fires during the summer season. The California coastline is in the “Ring of Fire”, which means it is very prone to earthquakes. This place also has the San Andrés fault that can cause earthquakes to be severe.

I remember how I used to save shower water to water my plants. If you're Californian, then you'll know that for us water is as expensive as diamond. We know the best ways to conserve water. Some places in the Sunshine State have rarely received rain and have experienced really harsh extreme weather.

It has also experienced intense heat waves, and sometimes the temperature in California is so high that it is almost impossible to leave the house. Experiencing weather conditions such as excessive rain, El Niño effect, wind and landslides is inevitable in California. If you're not prepared for these harsh weather conditions, this is a good reason not to move to California and settle down. Do you know why I regret moving to California? 60% of my income goes to paying state taxes.

We have to pay taxes on gasoline, water, smog, luxury taxes, food, labels, hidden taxes and much more. I hope I gave you solid reasons not to live in California. California has the highest tax rate, which is 7.25%, and this is also in addition to other district taxes, making it almost 8.25%. You see all the perfect Instagram photos of California, but the truth is that in order to have a better quality of life we have to pay half of our income to the federal government.

I remember that in Stockton, California, the police union created a board that said, “Welcome to California's second dangerous city. There are many great and affordable places to live in California. These are relatively safe places for children and have recorded a low rate of violent crime. The violation of weapons on the road has also increased.

Recently, due to severe budget cuts, the crime rate has increased dramatically. Incidents such as vandalism, robbery and grand theft have increased. The crime rate in San Diego is also increasing day by day. I suggest checking the area before changing here.

The strong economy has a large number of public schools, but unfortunately these schools perform poorly and degrade over time. So, for a better education, my niece and sister went to San Diego, but do you know what I heard from her? Regrets moving to San Diego. There are many private schools, but can you spend $5,441 a year on your child's education? You might be surprised to learn that the high school graduation rate and student education rate have been declining in California for decades. California fourth and eighth graders ranked at the bottom in both math and reading.

Now, I hope you know why people regret moving to California for a better future in education. Janny, my friend, came to California with great hopes of enjoying paradise, but after a year, her response was: “I regret moving to California. The employment rate is falling by 24.3% in El Centro. People who work in tech startups work more than 13 to 15 hours with low wages so they don't get fired from their jobs.

Aspiring actors and actresses work in multiple sectors waiting for their big break. But will they ever make it? Everything here in California touches the sky. The tax, the standard of living, the price of the house, private education, the price of food, public services and many others. The price of housing, the rent of the house or a small one-bedroom apartment is crazy and high.

This is one of the main reasons not to move to California, because if you earn normal bread, you can't survive here. Fortunately, there are some cities that are growing very fast and people tend to move to these cities. Returning from the office to home was an important task due to the long traffic. The population in the state is very high and it is very normal to find thousands of cars on the road.

Traffic is so bad in California. This is one of the bad things about California. Public transportation in California is also below average. It has buses, ferries, trains and subways, but they are not reliable.

So, you have to get your car to start moving to places. Diablo Canyon Power generates about 20 tons of nuclear waste and helps about 7% of the state's electricity. But, in recent years, this is increasing, which is causing environmental pollution and emitting harmful ultraradiation. This is now a matter of concern, especially because of the possible explosion that may be caused by earthquakes such as the Fukushima incident.

No place is perfectly ideal; there are also pros and cons to living in California. Is it worth moving to California? Well, after learning the pros and cons, I'm sure you'll make a wise decision. Before you move to California, you must be self-sufficient to cover expenses. If you're planning to retire in California, it may be ideal because of its serene culture and stress-free lifestyle.

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Moving to Los Angeles is ideal if you work in the entertainment industry and want access to world-class services and culture. The estimates here are for moving a moderately furnished 2 to 3 bedroom house, but it should help you give an idea of the approximate figure, even if you are moving more or less things. For those who love the outdoors and exploring the natural beauty of the world, moving to California is a great idea. .