Where is the best place to move right now?

Florida, again? You'd better believe it. The low cost of living and the moderate climate make the Estado del Sol a great place to retire, which is why most people date to move there. The Fort Myers-Cape Coral area is no exception. It's south of Sarasota, along the Gulf Coast, and Cape Coral alone has 400 miles of canals, so if living by the sea is your dream, look no further.

There are many places to go boating or fishing; just know that during the winter months, roads will become a little more congested as snowbirds flock to take advantage of temperatures of 54 to 74 degrees. Idaho, if you've noticed a lot more license plates from other states in your area, your eyes don't fool you. It's no secret that, as the pandemic changed our lives, many people began to dream of open spaces, abandoning their urban housing for suburban houses. Low interest rates made the idea of ending their lease and buying a home hotter than ever, and it seems that many people shifted their focus to Idaho.

Idaho may not receive the highest turnover as a tourist destination, but it has been a popular place to move for the past few years. Why? Well, it's not just because of the bucolic backdrop and people's love for potatoes; the cost of living is almost 8 percent lower than the national average, a fact that most people in the United Van Lines study cited as their main motivation for moving. Austin, Texas, came in the top for the third consecutive year, while Denver, Colorado, climbed back to No. Household prices in Houston, San Antonio, Charlotte and Las Vegas have seen prices rise above 20% this year.

Prices in Phoenix rose by more than 30% and nearly 40% more in Austin.