Is it smart to move to another state without a job?

First Moving to Temporary Housing Moving out of state without work is a risky task: things may not work out well and you may not be able to find a suitable job in your new area (or you may not like your new city, after all). You need flexibility to be able to move easily if your plans go wrong. Not sure how to get an out-of-state apartment without work? We have some recommended strategies to complete your apartment search successfully. Needless to say, make sure your resume and cover letter are top notch.

You'll need all the extra help you can get. Networking is the most important step you can take towards a new job in a new place. Yes, I can't say for a house, but I think they can do the same thing, since they don't want to rent to people without work that equals income to pay rent, etc. I would start looking for a job and apply.

I received a job offer when I was out of state before. Even if you have an offer letter with a declared salary, it opens a lot more doors for places to stay and shows the landlord the income. Steve is a project manager and had been doing his job remotely successfully during Covid. He said the most important thing he did before committing to move to Texas was to ask permission from his employer first.

Some told the company after moving, then the company said it would not allow them to work there, so they had to quit or were fired.