Can i dispute a charge from a moving company?

If a problem arises with the carrier of household goods (moving company), you must first try to reach an agreement to resolve the dispute. Initiate legal action against the moving company. Moving can be stressful and chaotic, and when things go wrong, the blame often falls on one of the goals closest to the moving company's hand. Conflicts between moving companies and customers often turn into payment disputes, which can easily be converted into chargebacks.

The first, highly logical step you should take is to contact your moving company right away and try to resolve any issues you may have. The peaceful resolution of a dispute or claim is always the best solution for both parties because you can save a lot of time, money and nerves with simple efforts to reach mutual understanding. Usually, a customer who moves has debit or credit cards to pay for the company's services. If there are any issues with the goods and services they have purchased, they can always take advantage of the mover's chargeback process.

Be prepared to provide this documentation to the company when you contact them directly to resolve the dispute. We recommend that you follow a simple four-step process to file a complaint about a company you have hired to help you move. If the moving company has made you a final settlement offer that you are not satisfied with, arbitration may be an option. Conveniently, many items moved by Wheaton were included in the final inventory sheet of Mover Dudes; they also added and duplicated other items, as a couple of examples, there were more than 100 additional boxes and an additional 55-inch television that was not present.

A fee is charged for arbitration and is usually divided between the client and the moving company. We hired Titan Van Lines to move my 87-year-old father from California to Maryland. We were told it would be 7-10 business days for delivery. Moving companies are dealing with expensive, sentimental and very fragile items, and a certain amount of loss and damage is inevitable.

If you and the moving company are unable to reach an agreement on your own, you can request an arbitration hearing or bring legal action against the moving company. It will be very important to provide a copy of the signed contract, showing that they agreed to move their belongings with reasonable care. And if the FMCSA decides to take action against the moving company according to your complaint letter, they may contact you for more information. Yes, the driver of the truck is leaving, now he has left you with a U-Haul full of 'some' (you'll find out later) of your things parked in front of your house, and he has left you with these to the shady and false carriers.

Once I file a claim form, I cannot return to Cross Country Long Distance Movers to file an additional claim. Many merchants in the moving industry and other challenging fields find that expert professional assistance can go a long way in developing the skills, practices and knowledge that will enable them to handle a growing chargeback problem.